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جمعية اليانا سلواد 
 إلينوي. إنديانا

 Illiana Silwad Association (ISA) is a non-profit, social, cultural, sports, and non-political and does not support any political institution. ISA will serve our people, by undertaking cultural and social meetings, God-Consciousness, Liberty and Justice and help those who need it within the association's capabilities.

Our goal is to connect members together residing in Illinois and Indiana to be one body and one family. 

Silwad (سلواد)

Silwad is located to the northeast of the city of Ramallah and thirteen kilometers away from it, its land area is about 24 thousand dunums, and its population is about ten thousand people, and it is considered one of the largest towns of Palestine and one of the largest towns in the governorate of Ramallah and Al-Bireh. Silwad connects and continues to connect the north of Palestine with its center and south, and it is located at the water division line between valleys heading west towards the coastal plain and the Mediterranean Sea and its like heading east to the Jordan Valley and the Jordan River. It surrounds the valleys of deep valleys from three sides, which gave them immunity in the site, and the abundance of winter rains ranging from 550 to 700 mm, helped to form the floods that over time managed to dig those valleys towards which the territory of the town descends heavily, especially on the northern and western sides. These valleys are Wadi Al- Hence, the torrent of the valley is a distinctive feature of the site and indicates it and it is known. It is not surprising that the apparent adjective is released to define the place, that is, "the torrent of the valley" and to become the name later and in order to facilitate the pronunciation "Silwad".

Illiana Silwad Association

In 2023, group of Silwadee in Illinois and Indiana came up with the idea of creating a group to get all Silwadees residing in Illinois and Indiana. This group will be a family for all silwad origins in Illinois and Indiana, to be a group that brings joy, tradition and education to all members. 
Living away from Palestine, we try our best to provide and teach our kids our values, traditions and have them connected to our homeland. 
We believe the first step to strengthen our kids relationship with our values and traditions is to have them involved in events and have them part of a group of people that lived our traditions and culture.

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